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“Seriously have gone through numerous Medical Treatments over the past 20 months. The Lomi Massage you did on my neck and back was blanking amazing. Solid to get a decent night of sleep with no pain meds. Have had different LMP/LMT's in California, Hawaii, Nevada, Ohio, Washington etc. John T Gelert , Is the best I have seen in a long time my friend. You know I am very selective as to whom works on the neck and back.” Keoni W.

“John has given me a massage for the third time on Maui this year and earlier this year when he was passing through Northern California. His deep tissue massage is the best one I have ever had and I just wish he and I lived closer because I would be a more regular customer. He brought his table to my hotel room and asked what area needed work and then we started. It was the best experience I have ever had and look forward to his visit to Northern California early next year so I can arrange another wonder massage.” Ted M.

"I don't remember receiving a more vigorous and satisfying massage. Your touch is not only loving it's amazingly therapeutic. You opened up areas in my neck and lower spine that were in crying need of healing. Thanks for a marvelous experience."

"I still wanted to thank you for the INCREDIBLE massage you gave me the other day. I have NEVER felt anything like that, as your hands took care of every single muscle in my body. The strength of your massage movements and the amazing stretches you made me do left my entire body in a fantastic and complete state of satisfaction. I didn't even know it would be possible to feel anything like that."

Reviews of Principal Massage Therapist John Gelert:

"WOW! What a very special day! Words are inadequate to thank you for everything. It was quite a journey. I visited emotional places and physical places that I have never gone to before and long to return to soon. You are masterful, considerate, sensitive, skilled in all ways and physically and spiritually amazing."

"Hi, I would like to take a moment to offer my highest recommendation to a terrific massage therapist, John T. Gelert. I travel often for business, and try to enjoy a deep-tissue massage when I arrive at a destination. I can honestly say that John's massage was the best experience I have ever had. By the end of the massage I was extremely relaxed and fully prepared for the busy day ahead of me. John asked me to identify certain areas that were bothering me, and my neck and feet immediately came to mind. John went right to work with his gifted hands, and my neck felt great in practically no time at all. When he went to massage my feet I can honestly say that I never dreamed that feet could feel so good! I also must say that John makes sure that your entire body is in sync in the sense that I experienced an overall feeling of well-being throughout my body. I can't rave highly enough about John's massage, and I will always use him when I am in Hawaii for business. I recommend him very highly and I hope you will call him when you are in Maui." (Mike L.)

"I contacted John before my trip to Maui. He responded right away and we set an appointment. He arrived right on time. He is much better looking than his pictures. He set up his table and went to work on me. This man is more than a massage therapist, he is a healer. From the first touch I knew that this massage was special. He used organic coconut oil and long deep strokes. He found every area of my body that needed work. I get massage on a regular basis and still this was one of the best massages of my life. When you visit Maui, call John. It will be the highlight of your vacation."

"I LOVE the work you do too! It always makes me happy. You bring a lot of joy to people... but I guess you already knew that didn't ya."

 "If you want to have a unique healing experience, let me recommend John Gelert who has helped me over the past five years with my chronic age related rheumatoid arthritis. He intuitively senses what the body needs, employing a skilled and gifted touch." (David F)

"Aloha. I just had a massage by John this morning, my first with him. John is consistently professional. He knows his stuff. He did a couple things on me by combining massage with yoga positioning, which greatly aided the aching muscles of my lower back. He is personable, knowledgeable, and passionate about his art of massage. If you ask, he will even give you nutritional information as well. Need a massage? Go see John! You'll love it as I did!" (Bob M)

"John communicates very quickly, arrives on time and gives the best massage! The massage you won't soon forget. Very professional and kind. I will return..."  (Paul, M)

"Thx for fixing me! I feel ten times better!" (Karl T)

"I just came from getting a massage and it was wonderful. Gentle yet so effective. I wish I knew about this place sooner." 5 stars  Ann K.

Lomi Hanamana Deep Tissue Massage Therapy