Welcome to Lomi Hanamana LLC! We are a day spa and learning center on Maui that specializes in a unique relaxing deep tissue massage called Lomi Hanamana.


Lomi Hanamana Spa and Learning Center is open daily from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM. Please contact us in advance to make an appointment! We will have a receptionist when we get busier. 

We are building our business team and searching for more deep tissue massage therapists to train in Lomi Hanamana massage techniques. When fully staffed, we will have two massage therapists in the morning, two in the afternoon, and more available on-call for couples massages. We have two massage rooms that are each large enough for couples massages.

Our State of Hawaii Massage Establishment is MAE-3274.

John experienced back, neck, and shoulder pain from scoliosis, injuries, and a herniated disc. He found it hard to find good deep-tissue work that helped and did not hurt. He even tried 10 sessions of Rolfing to no avail. That's why he created a new, gentle type of deep tissue massage that fixed his body and feels wonderful. He opened this business to help people.

In the Hawaiian language, lomi means to massage, and lomi lomi is traditional Hawaiian massage. Mana is spiritual power, and hana is work, Therefore hanamana means powerful work or miracle. Lomi Hanamana is powerful myofascial release deep tissue bodywork. You may consider it miraculous after feeling relief from years of pain. People often say it feels amazing. 

Most deep tissue massages are done with the forearms and elbows. Sometimes they hurt, because they are hurried, or the forearm may be too broad to apply the right pressure, or the elbow cannot feel how the body responds. Lomi Hanamana instead uses the fists and knuckles in long healing waves that go gently with the flow. Lomi Hanamana flows slowly in stressed areas, and quickly once relieved, making it very efficient.

John Gelert is the owner of Lomi Hanamana LLC. John discovered his healing gift in 1990 and was certified and licensed in San Francisco in 2004. John moved to Maui and has been licensed in Hawaii since 2009 (MAT-11634).


Lomi Hanamana Deep Tissue Massage Therapy